We have packages that suit all budgets and different students' needs : 
              We recommend to follow the plan chosen by your teacher (according to your needs) and according to your level that you are going to do.

       However , we understand that some students can do limited plans , so don't worry we will be very understanding and will support you.


In this plan the student study 1 hour/week divided on 2 sessions each class is 30 min.

In this plan the student study either 3 days/week each day 30 min class.
Or 2 days/week each day 45 min class.
This is decided by the teacher and according to the student's needs and ability.

 2 hours/week is the Ideal Package for most learners who are welling to make a fast and good level in a reasonable time
It can be 2 classes/week each class is 1h ( for Hafiz and elder students)
Or 30min class 4 days/week for younger ones

5 Days/week 30 min mostly every day , will make a big difference in your child's level in Qura'n memorization or in his/her Arabic language level

And we are here to build it with you and advise.

Assalaamu alikum wa rahmatullah