about us:

Our institute  is based in Egypt ,Cairo ,where you can easily be taught Tajweed and  memorize Quraan .

               However, for people who are not here, I first had the idea for teaching online,when students who have been studying with me in Egypt, left Cairo, I found that I can continue helping other muslims by online teaching Arabiyah and the Holy Quraan , that was in 2007! 

Subhaan Allah, I'm willing to be able to help as much as I can, now alhamdulellah male teachers and other female teachers are working with us and ready to support you

so feel free to contact us to update you with our offers. 

1- E-learning:

Learning is a matter of cooperation between the teacher and the student. Therefore, motivation in the case of distant learning, relies basically on the family.


Both the teacher and the student must be online on time. No delays are acceptable However, in case of any delay on part of the student, the missed minutes are counted as part of the class. Similarly, any delay on part of the teacher must be made up for.

3-Missing Classes:

a- The student should stick to the original times. However, he/she may ask to reschedule a class (for an urgent reason), provided that he/she notifies the teacher 24 hours ahead .In that case, a make-up class may be arranged, depending on the teacher’s availability. Otherwise, the class is cancelled and counted as done.

b-If the teacher misses a class and the student can’t do a make-up class, then the number of hours missed will be calculated and deducted from the next month’s payment. However if the student wishes to stop classes, then the number of hours will be refunded at the end of the month.

c-If the student plans to take a break or vacation and he/she is willing to keep his/her spot at the institute, 50% of the payment is to be paid.

d-If the teacher is often late or repeatedly misses classes, the student should contact the institute through the "Contact Us" page or the administration mail.


The number of days, times, fees and method of payment are arranged when the student first joins the institute. If the student is willing to make changes to such details, he/she should contact the institute.


Our institute will send you surveys from time to time to make sure you get the best service.


If the student decides to leave the institute, he/she should notify the institute one month ahead and mention the reason.

Assalaamu alikum wa rahmatullah

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